Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Québec City & Good-bye Canada

Hey everyone,

I can't believe it's already been 10 days since I've arrived in Canada. Time just flies!

I arrived in Québec City yesterday, after a three-hour bus ride. François picked me up from the bus station and took me for a drive around the city. I've never seen anything like this - Québec City is very historical and seems very much like a medieval European town. In my opinion, it is very similar to Edinburgh, Scotland as far as the architecture is concerned: small, very homely shops and cafés lined up along the streets, squiggly signs above the entrance doors almost like in Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and a castle enthroned high above the narrow streets.

Québec - Centre-ville
The Castle
François also showed me the Montmorency Falls that are 84 metres high (275 ft) and thus by 30 metres higher than Niagara Falls (84 m / 275 ft)! The cool thing is: there are staircases for visitors to view the falls from a variety of different angles. So we went down the stairs to find that the entire waterfall was frozen - but take a look yourself:

La Chute Montmorency
And today, another premiere awaited me - crossing a large, frozen river (the Saint Lawrence River) by boat. It kind of feels the same as going through big waves - although it's quite freaky to hear the ice get crushed below. And besides, the current of the river was so powerful - what an incredible experience.

On the boat... :)
This will be my last post from Canada since I will be heading back to Montréal tomorrow morning to catch my flight back to Germany.

I would like to thank François and his family for inviting me to Québec City - donc merci beaucoup de votre hospitalité, je me suis senti vraiment à l'aise chez vous et merci encore pour les repas si délicieux! Si jamais vous voyagez en Europe (ou en Australie), j'espère que vous allez me rendre visite - vous êtes les bienvenus!

A huge thank you also to Hannah Lafer who invited me to come over to Canada in the first place! I had an awesome time in Montréal, Toronto and Niagara Falls with you and it was so good to meet up again after such a long time! Un grand merci également à Annie et à Émilou de m'accueillir si chaleureusement dans votre coloc - je vous remercie encore de votre patience avec moi quant à l'accent québécois =) And as for you: let me know if you're travelling to Australia or Europe! / Et vous aussi, faites-moi signe si jamais vous venez en Australie ou en Europe!

Thanks everyone for sparking the longing for another country in me! If there's one thing I know for sure, that'll be that I will definitely come back to Canada one day! =)

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  1. Sounds like you already had a blast over there. Hope that will continue after you've left good old germany again tomorrow! :D Kepp us informed, I'd love to read your next entries!