Friday, 1 February 2013

Ready, Set, Go! The Adventure Begins

Hey guys!

Soooo... I guess this is it. This semester's final exams are over - today was my last day at uni in Germany!

And as much as I pushed aside my travel plans, as far away as my departure still seemed to me this morning - I can tell you it has just got frighteningly close! And all of a sudden, you realize what you actually leave behind... It's been a wonderful three years of studying in Paderborn, of making friends and for the first time for most of us - building a life of our own. One challenge mastered - the next already in sight!

And isn't it odd how the list of things you need to handle seems to become longer and longer and longer - but only in the last couple of days before you leave? Those piles of books that were left on the shelf to fall into a deep sleep three years ago - only to be thrown away unread. The clutter of paperwork on, in, under and all around your desk - and printed-out powerpoint presentations and literary texts from long ago that you can now look back on with pure satisfaction. Yeah, well maybe it wasn't always fun... infallible lecturers with a claim to truth, undescerning and obstinate professors - SSDD, the life of a university student.

One chapter closed and about to open the next one. Turn the page! See what's new. I'm only days away from what is probably the biggest adventure of my life so far. And I'll be boarding the plane carrying a lot of uncertainty and uneasiness, but also a great deal of excitement, curiosity, optimism, spirit of adventure and wanderlust in my bag.

Bye for now, Germany!

Stay tuned and read my next post from... Canada =)

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